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New decision has been issued to facilitate the licenses to start projects in accordance with MSMEs Law/by our Associates Ahmed Rezk

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On November 7, 2023, The Prime Minster of Egypt issued decision No.4278 of 2023 regarding to amendment to certain provisions of the executive regulation of the MSMEs law as outlined in the prime Minsters Decision No.654 of 2021.

As per Article (13) of the executive regulation of the MSMEs law, the required documents is: –

  1. Approval of the Management Department.
  2. Approval of the competent licensing center.
  3. Approval of the competent civil protection department.
  4. Tax card.
  5. Commercial register.
  6. Title to the property, lease, or possession of the project headquarters.
  7.  Proof of identity of the project owner.
  8. Any approvals or other documents necessary for the safety of the project and the validity of its operation, according to the nature of each activity, which are determined in coordination with the competent authorities.

Decision No.4278 of 2023 Issued to amendment the required license to start projects which was mentioned above in article No.13 of the executive regulation of the MSMEs law. The amendment includes add a final paragraph to Article (13), the text of which is referred to as follows:

However, service provision units may issue a temporary license for projects before obtaining the approval of the competent civil protection department stipulated in Clause (3) of the first paragraph of this article (13), in accordance with the following two conditions:

1- The project owner must submit an acknowledgment of his commitment to fulfill all the necessary requirements for issuing the approval of the competent civil protection department within a maximum period of one year from the date of issuance of the temporary license. If these are not met during this period, the temporary license will be considered invalid.

In addition, project owners are obligated to submit an advisory report on the civil protection systems proposed for the project with a timetable for implementation not exceeding one year as a maximum.

2- The project must be one of the facilities classified as (low risk) according to the classification contained in the Egyptian Code for the principles of design and implementation conditions to protect facilities from fire.

Adding this paragraph to the executive regulations of MSMEs is considered one of the most important steps to encourage investment in these sectors and provide facilities for micro, small, and medium enterprises to start the project and obtain civil protection approval after starting the project, as this approval represented an obstacle for emerging companies to start operating the project.

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