El Laithy & Associates Lawyers


Attorney and Legal Consultancy

Intellectual Property & Trademarks Law.

From trademarks, designs and patents registration to litigation and enforcement procedures.

El Laithy & Associates offers a full range of services in respect to intellectual property, as we understand the value of intangible assets, ideas, designs and techniques and the importance of protecting them.

We understand the commercial issues and pressures which arise from IP disputes or related negotiations, and provide innovative and strategic solutions to deal with them.

Our Practice includes:
• Trademarks.
• Patents.
• Copyrights
• Design Rights
• Intellectual Property including licensing agreements and registration services.
• Confidential Information Protection.
• Industrial designs

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Our corporate Advisory team consists of some of the most talented and sought-after corporate lawyers in Egypt, with a proven ability to solve the most complex corporate issues.

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